Pat McElnea (b. 1981)

Bank (2007)
Living Room (2008)
Seersucker (2007)
The Centrist (2010)

Pat McElnea resides in New York and exhibits his work internationally. He grew up in Southern California, received his BFA from Cooper Union and MFA from Yale University. Former residences in LA, Berlin, Buffalo, Dubai, New Haven, and Brooklyn have been primary characters in his videos. Painting, short fiction, and criticism also encompass his art practice. Currently he teaches video at Vassar College. His work can be seen at and the Rubell Family Collection in Miami.

McElnea's interests in text and image manifest in the studio while working with materials, and in non-illustrative ways. Their fusion imagines an inner life of foreign and familiar selves. His interests have continued toward the reorganization of otherness in social imagery, restaged in visually palpable ways. Some of his ancillary resources include theorists such as Lee Edelman, Luce Irigaray, Leo Bersani, and Joan Copjec. Writers Michel Leiris, John Hawkes, and Samuel Delany are also inspirations. His recent work draws connections between hygiene and legibility in image making.