William Kentridge b. 1955
Il Ritorno d’Ulisse (1998)
In Kentridge’s version of Monteverdi’s work, Ulisse lies centre stage in a hospital bed in Johannesburg. His visions, dreams and thoughts are conveyed to the audience via the local performance of the opera singers. Before dying, Ulisse remembers his return from his ten-year expedition following the Trojan War to find his wife Penelope besieged with suitors and his son Telemachus in duress. The dying Ulisse puppet watches his former self re-enact his return to Penelope and his defeat of her suitors.

Adrian Kohler, Basil Jones, Louis Seboko, Busi Zokufa, Tau Qwelane

Philippe Pierlot (treble violin, bass violin), Vincent Dumestre (Theorbol Guitar), Sophie Watillon (treble violin, bass violin), Paulina van Laarhoven (lirone, bass violin), David Sinclaire (vioione), Marion Fourquier (triple harp)

1998 South Africa, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, France, USA, Luxembourg, Italy, Australia and UK